Cryptocurrency is being adopted around the globe at an incredible rate. With its security, speed and low febitgis US. Can trade Litecoin with USD, EUR, GBP or cryptocurrencies. US. Can trade Litecoin with USD, EUR and other cryptocurrencies. US. Can trade Litecoin with other cryptocurrencies

quadrigacx Can trade Litecoin with CAD
coinsquare Can trade Litecoin with CAD Australia. Can trade Litecoin with AUD. Japan. Can trade Litecoin with JPY and other cryptocurrencies. Japan. Can trade Litecoin with JPY and other cryptocurrencies. Japan. Can trade Litecoin with JPY Korea. Can trade Litecoin with KRW or other cryptocurrencies. Korea. Can trade Litecoin with KRW or other cryptocurrencies. Korea. Can trade Litecoin with KRW or other cryptocurrencies. Korea. Can trade Litecoin with KRW or other cryptocurrencies. Korea. Can trade Litecoin with KRW or other cryptocurrencies. Korea. Can trade Litecoin with KRW or other cryptocurrencies. Singapore. Can trade Litecoin with USD or SGD other cryptocurrencies. Owned by a Litecoin team member. Singapore. Can trade Litecoin with SGD,EUR,USD Hong Kong. Can trade Litecoin with other cryptocurrencies. Hong Kong. Can trade Litecoin with other cryptocurrencies. China. Can trade Litecoin with other cryptocurrencies. China. Can trade Litecoin with other cryptocurrencies. China. Can trade Litecoin with other cryptocurrencies. India. Can trade Litecoin with INR. 

WEX Russia. Formally Can trade Litecoin with USD, EUR, RUR and other cryptocurrencies. Can trade Litecoin with other cryptocurrencies. No account registration is needed. Convert Litecoin to other cryptocurrencies. Convert Litecoin to other cryptocurrencies. Trade LTC/BTC Can trade Litecoin with other cryptocurrencies.

litebit Netherlands

coinmill Cryptocurrency exchange

kucoin Cryptocurrency exchange

changer Cryptocurrency exchange

gatecoin Cryptocurrency exchange

coinflux Cryptocurrency exchange Accountless cryptocurrency exchange

bitsane Cryptocurrency exchange

bitqist Netherlands crypto trading and storage.

coinmama Buy LTC with credit card



Austrian Post Offices Austria. Can buy Litecoin with EUR. Austria. Can trade Litecoin with credit cards/Neteller/Skrill/Giropay/EPS etc. US. Can buy with credit cards in the US. Indonesia. Can trade Litecoin with IDR. Turkey. Can trade Litecoin with Turkish Lira. Turkey. Can trade Litecoin with Turkish Lira. Netherlands. Can trade Litecoin with EUR. EU. Can buy LTC with fiat. EU. Can buy LTC with fiat. Poland. Can buy LTC with fiat. Netherlands. Buy LTC with with fiat.

buyucoin India. Buy LTC with INR.

numoney Singapore. Buy/Sell LTC with SGD.



Open source wallets

Official Litecoin wallet Need to download the whole blockchain. Developed by the Litecoin team.

LoafWallet Lightweight mobile wallet with both iOS and Android support. Developed by the Litecoin team. Support PC. Lightweight wallet. Developed by the Litecoin team. Support PC. Lightweight wallet. Not completely open source. Support both PC and mobile. Lightweight wallet. Not completely open source.

Coinomi Multi-Coin Multi-Asset HD Wallet

Hardware wallets

Trezor Australia

KeepKey – Reseller of hardware wallets, Trezor, Ledger.

Online wallets Support both web and mobile. Not open source. Can issue debit cards to US users. Support both web and mobile. Not open source. Can issue debit cards to European users. Online wallet. Not open source. Can convert Litecoin into fiat. Online wallet.

Cryptocurrency microwallet



Coingate – Accredited Litecoin payment partner. Accepts LTC online payments and converts to USD or EUR. Use this referral link link to sign up British Virgin Islands. An international LTC & BTC payment processor. Support EUR and USD payouts.  UK. An electronic payment system for LTC & BTC. No fiat payouts. Canada. Enabling merchants to accept LTC payments. No fiat payouts. Netherlands. Provides merchant services in LTC, BTC, & many others. Support EUR, USD, RUB, GBP payouts.  A decentralized payment plugin to accept LTC, DOGE, & BTC. Belize (C.A.) Support LTC, BTC and others. No fiat payouts. Dominica. An open source crypto-currency payment gateway. No fiat payouts. Canada and Singapore. Enabling merchants to accept LTC payments. No fiat payouts. Netherlands. Accept LTC, BTC, & over 25 others fast & easy. Support EUR payouts.

mycryptocheckout – Cryptocurrency payment gateway for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Bill Payment – Global. Refill prepaid phones, pay bills and buy vouchers in 160+ countries Australia. Pay your bills with Litecoin. Brazil. Pay your bills (such as electricity, phone, internet , water and more) using Litecoin. Brazil. Pay your invoices using Litecoin. Brazil. Pay your physical bills (such as, electricty, internet, tickets, etc) using Litecoin.


DEBIT CARDS Support European customers. Litecoin is directly supported. Support US customers. Litecoin is directly supported. Litecoin is supported through shapeshift.

Wirex Litecoin is supported through shapeshift.


NEWS French English

cryptoweekly Crypto newsletter accepts sponsors in LTC


ONLINE COMMERCE Buy And Sell Digital Goods With Cryptocurrencies. Buy And Sell Digital Goods With Cryptocurrencies. Australia Litecoin marketplace and auction site Litecoin merchandise Litecoin branded T-shirts, wallets etc.


J Best Books ebooks.

9bravos Portuguese ebooks. London based book publisher Online bookstore

A Bit of Everything: – List of sites accepting Litecoin via coinpayments – List of sites accepting Litecoin. Business can update their sites here. – Furniture, Decor, Cars, Pet Adoptions, Jewelry, Clothing – Electronics , Home and Kitchen – Jewelry, Coins, Shirts, Collectors Items Gift Cards, PCs, Clothing, Food, Tools, Perfume, Electronics, Bags, Shoes, Gifts, Pet Products

virtualcoinsquad Listing of merchants that accept Litecoin

cryptohearsay Mining hardware, gold & silver, gift card, T-shirts, stickers decals.

stakebox – Stake box, hardware wallets, digital security devices, merchandise

pi-supply – Adafruit, latest maker accessories with over 1000 products, ships worldwide

Art & Collectibles: – Crypto Posters – Prints of your uploaded pet photos – Crypto themed art – Sports Cards – Aircraft photos – Art – Blogger – Luxury Cars – Stickers

dadianifineart – Art gallery

sftextures – Art & photography

khurrumart – Art prints

unratio – Beautiful original art prints, both framed and unframed.

Clothing: – Comic book and gaming inspired sportswear/fitness attire – Clothing, Unique Items, Pets, Home and Office – Geek/Gamer clothing – Leather and Rugs – Siam clothing – Crypto gear – Shirt and Hat – Card games, Hardware wallets, clothing, Beginners Box – Baby Wearing – Leather – Crypto clothing – Crypto clothing – T-shirt and art

chickenandmoon — Original Designs, Crypto Apparel – Children’s Clothing – Crypto t-shirts

dxigear – Custom Embroidery and Screen-Printing in Lake Forest, CA

gusty – Unique handmade designer bags

theamenitykit – Makeup bags and kit

Jewelry/Accessories: – Fine Jewelry

grantpasscoins – Coin & Jewelry

floraandfaun – Laser cut jewelry

lefkarasilver – Silver Jewelry

ravenandriley – Handmade jewelry

cryptojeweler – Jewelry

cheveux-naturels – Hair Extensions

chicagogemshop – Precious Gems and Crystals

klotr – Accessories

fudmartng – Glasses, watches and other accessories

arrowandboard – Texas, USA. Leather accessories such as Apple Watch bands, wallets, home decor.

Health and beauty:

shiresoaps – Soap

1eo – Essential oils

gaiaethnobotanical – Kratom. 20% off with Crypto purchases

windsormedicalcenter – Medical Centre New Jersey

Hairdresser in Croatia

Cosmos clinic – Australia cosmetic clinic

Domains/Hosting/and Other Digital Services:

ppcprotect – ads click fraud prevention tool. 10% discount paying with litecoin

bannerview – Website Marketing

perferto-web – Web design & programming studio – Website Marketing

Jonroc – Richmond, Virginia. Online marketing and website development

nameselling – Domain names

lovinghosting – Linux Web Hosting

lovingdomains – Domain names

vps-city – Virtual Private Servers

bitlaunch – Pay Litecoin for your favourite cloud server. Launch servers with DigitalOcean, Vultr and Linode. – Anonymous Servers

coinshost – Web Hosting and DDos Protection

qhoster – Hosting, VPS, Servers, Domains

briehost – Hosting, VPS, Servers, Domains – Hosting, VPS, Servers, Domains, WordPress, SSD Reseller

cinfu/ – Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Domains, SSL Digital Certificates

ellenet – Australia Web Hosting, Web Design, Server Maintenance, Web Development

Thoughtlab – Web design and digital experience agency.

247zilla/ – Cloud Hosting

abacohosting – offers Domains, Email, Cloud, KVM VPS & Server since 2007

hosthavoc – Game/Minecraft/Voice Servers and Web Hosting

simrai – Game/Minecraft/Voice Servers and Web Hosting, Package Deals

143vpn – VPN, DDoS protection

NiceVPS – Privacy VPN, Anti-DDoS hosting, Bulletproof VPS, Anonymous domains

hostclark – VPS

torguard – VPN, Anonymous Email, Anonymous Proxy

trilightzone – VPN Services

purevpn – VPN Services

earthvpn – VPN

airvpn – VPN – Game and Voice Servers – Dedicated and Cloud Servers, Web Hosting, Datacenters – Australia IT solutions provider, web hosting -Web hosting – Hosting, domain

bytesize hosting – Hosting

yohost – Anonymous domains and hosting. cPanel licensing. – Servers and VPS $0.5 Hosting, $4 VPS, Domains, Dedicated Servers, SSL – DDoS protection, Off shore hosting

visitor-traffic – Web traffic generator

phaseonemedia – Digital marketing agency

101social – Sevierville, Tennessee, Digital marketing agency

snel – Server hosting

– Purchase email client with Litecoin – Remote desktop protocol, Virtual Private Servers.

yours -Blog pays writer with LTC.

moonliteco – Litecoin faucet

18+: – Assorted Adult Products

Food and Drinks: – Assorted Teas, Loose Leaf – Award Winning Cold Brew Tea – Coffee, Jerky, Nuts, Snacks – Coffee – Coffee beans

milkroadcoffee – Amerian Coffee Roaster takes LTC – Raw Honey – Only locations on South shore of Montreal (Franchise Owner is u/XclusiveMTL) Dutch pancakes in Aruba Salt Lake City Pizza Food stall in Camden Market, London, UK.

bronxdeli Deli and catering in New York

eichenhain Health food

svryfood Savory Vegetable based granola!

khybertandoori Indian restaurant about 45 min from London Bridge.

Furniture: – Hand Blown Glass, Decor, Vintage Furniture

Games: – Litecoin blockchain-based monster evolution game. – Game Keys – Game Keys and Physical Discs – Game Keys and Software – Board games

Gift cards:

eGifter India gift card

Gold and Silver: – Gold and Silver Bars – Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Accessories – Copper, Gold, and Silver Bullions – Gold and Silver Bullions

jmbullion – Precious metals

shinybars – Hand poured silver bullion and coins since 2014

Professional services: – DUI Defense – Real Estate Attorneys – Tax attorney – Dutch IT consultancy


montessori school – New York montessori school

logocore – Logo design course

Motor Vehicles and Accessories:

radiantz – Custom motorcycle lights store accepts Litecoin

Miscellaneous: – Litecoin decals – Map of Local Businesses – Unlock iPhone – Custom Gun/Rifle Parts – Body boards – 3D Printing – Russia. LED

teahousetransport – Logistics and parcel transport

seanoutpost – Homeless outreach centre

tgibail – Bail bonds in US

njairduct – DRX Air Duct Cleaning NJ and Vent Cleaning Services in New Jersey

Music: – Memorabilia, Vinyl, and Collectors Items, CDs and DVDs

mikagiguitars – Guitars

Other Electronics: – Thermostats – Floor Heating maps, rugs, thermostats – Heating cables, thermostats, and control systems – Heating cables and thermostats – Assorted heating products – Microfilm and Microfiche Reader Printers / Scanners & Imaging Equipment – IT Security products – Texas. Aircon service and repair

basedbitcoin – Consumer electronics accepting LTC

Pet Supplies: – Aquarium supplies – Reptile shop in Las Vegas

bluewatergear – Fish tackle

Physical Coins: (also sold on forum)

Travel: Book 567,928 hotels in 210 countries covering 82,311 destinations.

Auberge du Soleil Swiss-French Restaurant & Hotel in Kampot, Cambodia Welcomes Litecoin payments with 10% DISCOUNT as with best cryptos. – Plane tickets – Festivals, Burning Man, Museums, Trips – Travel Agency – Brazil Travel Agency – Estonia Hotel – All Inclusive Nicaragua Resort


MiamiFiveStar – Yacht charter in U.S. proudly accept Litecoin from our customers!

Property: – UK. Property rental. – Czech Co-working space for rent

tidalbath – Baths and renovation products in US & Canada

WoodNBar – Custom made wooden bars

mywaycarpet – Carpet & Flooring – Sales and Installation. Servicing Areas: NJ, NY, PA, FL, CT

168 thoughts on “Businesses

  1. Lukas Janda [LTC] Reply

    I am missing coinomi wallet
    And – Institute of Cryptoanarchy in Prague (only accrpts ltc and btc)


  2. rbCrypto Reply

    Businesses not listed so far:

    SecPoint –
    Traffic Generator – (via GoUrl)
    Random Shop –
    Essential Oils – (via CoinPayments)
    Hosting – (via CoinPayments)
    Stickers –

    I’ll keep compiling my list. Sorry if these come in waves.

  3. Edvard Ulsnesvik Reply

    We are a smal and new startup in Norway focusing on cheap living rentals for students, combined with easy living for elders.
    We didn’t think of using crypto before I saw your post, but since I’m a believer in the bitlite economy I took the initiative to opened us a wallet today.
    Much easier then making a account in the bank I may not!
    Our address is LRqbew7G4iV6jNy8m4HiLckRgNuN8nsoES

  4. Cyrille Champion Reply

    Hello !
    For VPN =>>
    For exchanges =>>
    For exchanges ( ATM ) =>>
    For my wallet 🙂 =>> LSyV3o4Hkb2jNuVUYSDFoMvwTrLMhKis2M

    At home in France, the ltc begins to be known, I think we will attend a new rocket on the litecoin # 200 $ on 01/03/2018 !!!!!
    Good works !

  5. kc Reply

    Somebody mentioned Paralelni Polis – Bitcoin Coffee place in here already, but there is one more separate cool place within Paralelni Polis – Paper Hub:

    Its a coworking space for rent – pay with LTC and BTC (office space, meeting rooms, shower and cool crypto people all around). Pretty cool place to be working at.


  6. Sandesh G Reply

    Haven’t seen one comercially yet in Bengaluru. Paid to a known photographer in LTC.
    I am highly optimistic that ppl ‘ll start accepting LTC in near future at least in online market places.

  7. Jose Pineda Reply

    Wallet – Coinomi
    Exchanges- Shapeshift & Changelly (both accessible in the coinomi online wallet)


  8. Matt Walsh Reply

    BetOnline is an online casino/sportsbook/Poker website that I use regularly and they accept Litecoin deposits.

    My LoafWallet Address:

    To the moon! Much love Xinxi, Charlie, Franklyn and the rest of the crew

  9. vninjaturtle Reply

    Exchanges, – Korea. Can trade Litecoin with KRW or other cryptocurrencies. – Korea. Can trade Litecoin with KRW or other cryptocurrencies. – Korea. Can trade Litecoin with KRW or other cryptocurrencies. – Korea. Can trade Litecoin with KRW or other cryptocurrencies. – Japan. Can trade Litecoin with JPY and other cryptocurrencies.

    And please modify the word ‘Korean’ to ‘Korea’ on Bithumb, Coinone. All the other countries are described as a name of country except Korea.
    Thank you so much for your dedication, Litecoin Foundation.


  10. Z Reply

    London based book publisher
    accepts LTC !


  11. Kavin Jain Reply

    From India

    1) – a gift card and vouchers company
    2) – an online book mall

    They mainly accept Bitcoin but have just started using LTC too.

    My LTC Address – Lhq9en6qLdAd14btd2xjL8GpcSaRMR2Eka

  12. Raphael Reply

    Thanks for all the pages.
    If I find some more I trust, I let u guys know.


  13. Zifthis Reply

    Ellenet: Australian firm; (IT solutions provider) accept Bitcoin & Litecoin.
    Sean’s Outpost:(homeless outreach center), accept Litecoin as a donation.
    eGifter: New York-based; (Gift Cards), also accept Bitcoin & Litecoin.
    KnCMiner: Company that sells (mining hardware and equipment), the payment method for gear: Litecoin.
    Benz and Beamer: (Car dealership) site which support Litecoin as payment.

    LTC wallet: LUUxjttcV5FLQpWvWtbpVoaVeF8j3vh1K2

  14. Kavin Jain Reply

    One of India’s Style Lounge for Apparel, Accessories & More accepts payments in the form of Bitcoin and litecoin way back from 1st July 2017.

    The website offers a wide range of products including men and women’s apparel, home decor products, phone accessories and other lifestyle products.

    My LTC address Lhq9en6qLdAd14btd2xjL8GpcSaRMR2Eka

  15. understando Reply – It is a kind of message board, where you can buy or sell new or used items. Accepted cryptocurrency LTC and BTC.

    I will keep updating as well. Thanks!


  16. Martin Reply Japan. Can trade Litecoin with JPY and other cryptocurrencies.



  17. Cecil Reply

    A respected and well run herbal supplement shop (that specializes in Kratom) and other natural remedies. They include an extra 20% off if using crypto as payment.


  18. Brent Reply

    Hi – Found a few businesses that accept Litecoin! =P

    My wallet address: LZs4BKnipYvFuFT33rnST9oNjQfo98YqEw

    1) J. Austin Coin & Jewelry of Grants Pass – Coin & Jewelry shop in Grants Pass OR

    2) Windsor Medical Center, PA & Med Sleep, LLC – Board-certified specialists in Internal Medicine, Sleep Disorders and Nephrology in East Windsor & Elizabeth, NJ

    3) Dexterous Industries – Custom Embroidery and Screen-Printing in Lake Forest, CA (see bottom of page, “From the business” section that mentions a 15% off discount on orders paid by Litecoin)

    4) TGI Bail Bonds – Bail bondsman in Miami, FL (see bottom of page, under “Specialties” that Litecoin is accepted for immediate posting of bail bonds)

  19. Lukas Šestić Reply

    Hairdresser in Zagreb, Croatia:
    Name is: “Frizerski Salon Đuka” or “Hairdresser Đuka”
    Well respected and first of all classic place to both have a drink and get your hair done.
    LTC adress: LYm2p9PSs53wW3D11QjbAqFq3vqb4QpsoC

  20. Cristian Bujor Reply

    Hello from Cluj-Napoca, Romania,

    I have used successfully and can recommend:
    “Buy and Sell Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin”
    As of today: 2017.11.21
    “Over 266 million RON exchanged in 44,975 trades with 5,308 happy customers.”

    My LTC address:

    Thank You,

  21. Oregon Mack Reply

    Accountless exchange similiar to Accepts LTC exchanges. LTC segwit ACTIVATED. No registration needed. was and always will be #NO2X and always for user concensus

    Managed by the HolyTransaction team.

    Ltc add:

  22. Dr James McCririe Reply

    Just set up account on Coinpayments to receive Litecoin for my services. For 3 months have promoted the idea to patients to move away from insurance payment and more freedom. Thank Xinxi Wang. Litecoin address MTiehAYAngjyUYgNqpFEo3MpbrtwUUBw5p.

    Enjoy your day

  23. Vakrio Information Systems Reply

    Our Business is one of the first to accept and implement LTC. We have supported Litecoin Foundation in past and will continue to support in future. LTC is accepted for all of our Services and Products.
    Vakrio Information Systems

  24. Gwyneth Reply

    Atlantic Gold and Silver Store with locations in Moncton, New Brunswick and Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada are walk in locations as well. Traded all my silver for Litecoin there☺️

  25. brettvarney77 Reply

    We are accepting LTC payments on our new website on shopify!!! Please try our new platform and let us know how we look and if everything is set up properly…? Our store name is Festival Goods and it should be able to be found under Shopify under, or http://www.shopify/ Please help us get this commerce store off the ground. We sell original art, print art, glass art, silver wraps, silver art, jewelry, hammocks, Flowtoys, fire props, gems and a lot of other festival goodies. Please let us know how we are doing and if there is anything we can do to make your shopping experience easier…. LOVE & LIGHT…..

  26. Matthew Newsome Reply

    I have a carpentry business in Australia, and would love to be the first ont to receive Lightcoin as payment! How can I make this work?
    Is there anyone in Australia that you could put me in contact with to get this started!

  27. Oziel Marques Reply

    Hello guys! I just start in cryptocurency world. What is this? and how does it works? some one can explain it to me please?

    • Keith Yong Reply

      You may want to go to the Resource section under the Litecoin School there are information there. And could you purchase an eBook on Litecoin we have on sale in our shop.

  28. Theo Reply

    Hi, also accepts Litecoin as a payment method.

    Snel is a server hosting company. delivers fast, simple and smart Dedicated and VPS hosting services with a focus on great customer experience.

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