By donating to the Litecoin Foundation you can directly contribute to its potential to change the world!

One of the foundation’s main jobs is to identify and hire the best full-time developers for the Litecoin project. While we are fortunate to have a tremendous amount of volunteer support for the project, our goal is to raise $200,000 USD a year to support at least three full-time developers.


  • You can donate Bitcoin or Litecoin through Coinbase Commerce. Any amount is greatly appreciated!
  • Or you can donate using Paypal.

Our donor list can be found here.


If your company offers products and services and would like to contribute a portion of your sales or profits as donation to the Litecoin Foundation, we welcome you to list your products and services in the Litecoin Foundation website.   Email to [email protected] to list your products and services.


Associate your brand and offerings with the Litecoin Foundation’s mission.  You may include the logo “Gold/Silver sponsor of Litecoin Foundation” in your website or marketing materials.   More details of the program can be found here.


Litecoin Foundation invites donations from the community to help bring Litecoin to its full potential. Friends of Litecoin will be able to join a dedicated telegram group @Litecoin Members with a special badge.  More details on how to join here.

Our friends of litecoin list.